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As the leading Identity Security experts, we have seen and participated in many projects in this business. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. That is why we work with certain guidelines and beliefs. This has proven very successful, with some of the most satisfied customers in the Identity Security market as a result.

We think the products you have invested in should be put to work as soon as possible. Getting the products into production and creating value for our customers will create a pull for more features and functions. 

When projects are launched they are often seen as a solution that will help the business and the employees something that at times can create expectations. If these are not met within a reasonable amount of time this quickly turns into disappointment and time is spent of defending the investment instead of utilizing it.

Long projects create a project fatigue and the initial excitement fades. On top of this the business continuous to grow and develop and thereby sometimes change the initial scope as well. You run the risk of chasing a moving target.

To facilitate this and to deliver on our beliefs, we work in accordance with the best practices of the industry. We have also developed our own ”Unified Identity Process” that focuses on maximizing value in the shortest possible timeframe.

This gives our customers the ability get started with the software quicker, use best practice that works, use the abilities of the product and be very careful with customization because it takes time to build but even more time to maintain afterwards. Better to invest in an easily configured product than in having tons of implementers to implement and later maintain the solution.

Our beliefs can be summarized as follows:

Software that is not used is the most expensive investment you can make.

Long projects create project fatigue and moving targets

Invest in the house and not construction workers

Create pull not push

Do not forget the maintenance

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