Part of our strategy is to only offer the best products on the market. This selection is a continuous work in progress where we put in all of our great expertise in the area of Identity Security and all of our many years of experience into the selection process.

In combination with our own experience we also do a thorough investigation into what products have the highest customer satisfaction rates, the highest ranking by the research companies and are the easiest to implement thus creating the best RoI.

It is our job to know what products our customers should choose from. We make the groundwork so that our customers do not have to put in all that work and money themselves or pay a third party to do the investigation. It has already been done. We have taken that investment.

Are we independent, no we are not. If we conclude that a product is the best for solving our customers challenges than we stick by that. So no we are not independent we are result driven and will always point our customers towards the products that brings the best results.

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