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Very few companies have their Identity Security as their unique selling point in winning customers or taking market share. The opposite is true for us.

That is also why it is only logical that the world is moving towards more and more managed services being offered. It is hard enough being the best in the market you are competing on. Focusing on the core of the business without losing out on other important areas of the business has opened up for letting the experts manage areas outside the immediate core. 

However, “Managed” is a multilayered service that could mean a complete business process outsourcing or just letting a service provider handle pieces of the work that needs to be done.

We offer “Managed” in many ways and our customers can easily upgrade or downsize the service dependent on their current needs

We offer a complete Identity Security Outsourcing. In short this can be divided into four different services that build on each other:

Solution Support

We offer a way for customers to report all their incidents and problems in one place. We keep track, report and solve these issues for them.

Application Management

We offer to correct, configure, make installations, supervise and have continuous follow up on performance etc for all our customers.

Managed Service

We analyze change requests, build connectors, correct bugs, continuous development, do certifications, reporting and role handling

Identity Security Outsourcing

We take full responsibility for the whole solution, all the implementations, the planning and essentially act as the Identity Security Manager for the customer internally and externally.

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