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The Prison and probation service chooses ID North

In the toughest possible competition, ID North and SailPoint have been procured as suppliers of Identity Governance or authorization control to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. 

ID North is Sweden’s leading experts in Identity Governance and SailPoint is the global market leader in Identity Governance. These two actors have now been procured by the Prison and Probation Service for introducing an Identity Governance solution for secure identity management and controlled access control. The agreement goes via Redbridge. 

The Prison and Probation Service is a government agency with responsibility for detention, prisons and probation. The Prison and Probation Service’s most important task is to enforce punishment and reduce relapse in crime. On December 31, 2018, there were 31 detention centers, 45 institutions and 34 probation offices. In 2018, the Prison and Probation Service handled almost 16,000 clients every day. Of these, 1,900 were in custody, 3,900 were in prison and approximately 9,900 were on probation. 

The Prison and Probation Service also transports approximately 90,000 inmates and other clients annually. Of these, approximately 20,200 clients were transported to other authorities, municipalities and county councils and just over 4,700 clients abroad. The Prison and Probation Service has approximately 12,000 employees. 

Jens Björkman CEO of ID North, writes in a comment: ”We have seen great interest in our solutions from the authorities this year and it feels extremely exciting to work with the Prison and Probation Service which is one of the largest authorities in Sweden.”

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