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Identity Security

Identity governance is at the core of a secure and sustainable digitization

Identity is the
new parameter

When mobility, accessibility and speed are critical to your business, Identity is the new firewall

Our offering

We only offer the best products on the market. This means the products that have the highest customer satisfaction rates, the highest ranking by the research companies and are the easiest to implement thus creating the best RoI.


We work in accordance with the best practices of the industry. We have developed our own ”Unified Identity Process” that focuses on maximising value in the shortest possible timeframe.


We offer a complete ID Service. Essentially this means we handle everything related to the identity solution. In the aftermath of an identity project many customers decide that having identity competence on the payroll may not be where they should focus their resources.

Why choose us
This is what we bring to the table within Identity Security
The Best Products

We only work with the leading products in the industry.

Short Projects

Our project methodology shortens projects and increases RoI

Leading Experts

We have the best experts in the industry

What Customers Say

We liked the process that ID North presented to us. They refered to it as a ”Governance first” approach. That was really what won us over in the end. A structured approach to an Identity project that made sense to us.

Anna Idorn CISO Ikano Bank

We chose ID North together with SailPoint because we needed the best possible solution. We provide healthcare for many people so we need to set the bar higher when it comes to many things, but certainly when it comes to Identity Management.

Tobias Hermansson Vice President Information Security at Capio

We see this as one of the most important areas within data protection and IT-security. We are a relatively small bank, but that has to obey by the same regulations as the big banks. In the end we chose a combination of the leading product and the leading expert within this area.

Olle Lindell CISO Marginalen Bank
Delivery models

The traditional way of delivering software. Commercially this means a license fee upfront and then annual support. Technically this means the customer has the responsibility for internal Support, Operations, Maintenance, Tools and infrastructure. The software supplier only takes responsibility for bugfixing and continous product development under the support agreement.


This is when you put on-prem technology in the cloud. This is what most Identity vendors offer however disguised as a SaaS solution. Commercially this is offered as a subscription based license. Technically this means the supplier of the service takes responsibility for the Infrastructure, Tools and parts of the Maintenance. With hosted solutions you may however still face stops in the service due to upgrades and the bugfixing will be pushed to fit in to those maintenance windows. It also means you are on a single tennant technology i.e. your installation is unique which means no synergies with other customers.


This is when the supplier delivers the service through the cloud from a technology built for the cloud. Currently SailPoint is the only vendor in the IGA market offering this. Commercially this is offered as a subscription based license. Technically this means that the service provider takes responsibility for the Infrastructure, Tools and parts of the maintenance. With a ”true SaaS” the software is built with microservices giving the solution provider the possibility to isolate bugfixes or product enhancements and push them out continously without the customers knowing about it and with no stops of service. It also means this is a multi tennant giving all customers the bugfixes at the same time.


This is when a service provider takes full responsibility for the function Identity Security. Commercially this is a flexible model where the right payment model is for the parties to decide on. This service can be bought on top of all the other delivery models from traditional on-premise to SaaS. Technically this is also something for the parties to decide about but a full managed service means the service provider takes full responsibility for the Infrastructure, Tools, Maintenance, Operations and Support.

Digital trust by Identity Security

Identity is the new parameter, so in order to enable your users and still protect your business you need to focus on identity security.

ID North is the leading expert in identity security in the Nordics. If you want to know more about how to work with identity security please let us know and we can help you and your organisation get started.

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